Trusting God’s Imagination

Sometimes the most auspicious turns in life are the ones we didn’t want.  We ask God for help executing our plans without offering to help him do his.  An insightful reader was kind enough to share her story about trusting God and his imagination.

After losing his 20 year old business, my husband was looking for work.  He had a lousy job with little pay for a couple of years, and we were very grateful for that. His raises were absolutely pitiful. I mean insultingly pitiful!  So he was applying for everything he could find with better pay.

He applied for a newly created position with the city.  It was a good fit for him, and I was just positive that God would give it to him.  I was certain I knew the will of the Lord at this point. Jeremiah 29:11 had come to me. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  I stood on that promise.

A few weeks went by, and he got a letter in the mail.  You know the ones.  They say, “Thank you for applying, we had many applicants, and we chose another guy,” all very polite.  I just didn’t believe my eyes, and I didn’t let go, either.  I told my husband that the Lord would come through, that the guy they hired would end up being a drunk, or a lazy worker, or some other thing would happen and they would end up calling him and asking him if he was still interested. I took the letter and wrote Jeremiah 29:11 out on the front of the envelope, sure that God was going to pull a rabbit out of a hat.  I kept that letter on my desk and prayed over it, laying hands on it for over a year!

Now let me clear up a few details.  If he had been offered the municipal job, he would have given 2 weeks notice at the crappy paying job, that crappy paying job that was barely getting us by.  I later learned that the city never actually opened the position that I was so sure God would hand to my husband.  No one ever got that title or that pay check.  Had my husband been selected for that position, he would have lost his paying job and been stuck with NO job!

Now it took a little over a year, but God did keep his promise.  Another company created a new position to handle a 75 % sales increase resulting from big contracts with HEB and Walmart.  The company has been very good to him.  It’s a family owned and operated strong Christian business that God blessed just as he blessed my husband with hiring him there.  God’s ways are not our ways. His plans are not our plans, and I am very thankful for that!

Join the conversation.  Have you ever greeted a life change as a travesty when actually the outcome was better than the best you could imagine?

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