From Haute to Hot

With three tween/teen girls out of school for the summer, our family is heading out of town for a few weeks.  We will spend half the time in France and the other half in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Traveling with one set of grandparents in France, we will work our way up the Burgundy wine region from Lyon to Dijon for half the time and spend the other half in Paris.  The adults on the trip would probably prefer to spend all the time in Burgundy, but the girls have never been to France and want to see Paris.  Who can blame them?  I haven’t been to Burgundy or Paris, at least not for practical purposes, either.

In a case of rather aggressive scheduling, within an hour of our evening arrival at home from abroad, we will exchange our luggage for sail bags and depart for Cowtown.  The girls start a sailing instruction camp bright and early the following day.  Jet lag, get thee behind me.  In years past, my husband and I have taken turns working remotely while staying with the girls in Ft. Worth, allowing the other to tend to business in the office or on the road.  I’ll lead out with the sailing party so he can stay behind and catch up in the office.

I am not taking a computer overseas, so my ability to post while there is uncertain.  I have written an essay with a bit of a metaphorical twist on family travels, and it is scheduled to post next week.  If I find that I am able to post and there are tales to tell, I promise to do so!  In the interim, please wish us safe (and peaceable) travels.

Join the conversation.  What are your travel tips for France or for traveling with teens?