Across Traditions invites spiritual thinkers to ask each other questions they have been asking themselves.  Instigated by Stephanie Walker, it explores how different spiritual traditions approach significant life events with a particular focus on healing and forgiveness.

Why across traditions?  We expand our power to perceive when we steady ourselves with truths anchored in traditional wisdom and reach beyond.  Moses changed his perspective to get a better look at the burning bush (Ex3:3).  We, too, must change our perspectives to see truth in a new light.  We work harder to understand even our own beliefs when we are drawn into tension by differing views.  Reaching across traditions leads to a deeper understanding of essential truths.

Why healing and forgiveness?  Stephanie is drawn to people’s suffering.  Her work has touched domestic violence survivors, kids in street gangs, incarcerated women, and religious seekers in both volunteer and professional roles.  Across these experiences, she witnessed the devastating long term impacts of childhood trauma, abuse, and violence.  She also witnessed the healing possible to those willing to take an honest look at themselves.

Learn more about Stephanie and her work at www.AcrossTraditions.com.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for your inquiry, and yes, all is well. Just chaotic (in a good way), as summer generally is with 3 teenage daughters. I have been taking a break from the blog to think about reframing it, as readership has not been that great. Any thoughts or observations you have would be much appreciated! I adored the Russell Sprout post, by the way. Very clever and heart felt!

    • Thanks for visiting and for the information about your blog. What a great blog name! I look forward to learning about your thoughts and observations, and I hope you find blogging to be a healing experience.

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